Lighting Retrofits

Lighting Retrofits





We have retrofitted thousands of fluorescent lights.
We assess, retrofit, clean and recycle providing a turn-key solution to all your lighting needs.

SBL (Small Business Lighting programs)

Program ending soon
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Give your Business a Bright, Energy-Efficient Future
Now, more than ever, businesses in Ontario are looking for ways to save costs and be more energy-efficient. That’s where the SMALL BUSINESS LIGHTING program comes in. Under this program, qualifying businesses can get up to $1,500 worth in energy-efficient lighting and equipment upgrades per hydro account.
You’ll get easy and effortless energy-efficient upgrades that will go a long way toward reducing your electricity consumption and managing your monthly electricity costs.
We supply, install, clean up, recycle and warranty – making it easy for you. We are an authorized, licensed electrical contractor and will make an appointment to complete your retrofit at your convenience.

•Licensed electrical contractors
•No-risk assessment
•Clean-up includes recycling and proper disposal
•1 year warranty

Who can Participate?

Companies with T12 fluorescent bulbs (old ones are large) and incandescent bulbs. Buildings with newer lighting such as T8 or T5 fluorescents and CFL’s need not apply.
A wide variety of businesses with an electricity demand of less than 50 kW such as clothing stores, independent restaurants, dry cleaners, medical offices, beauty salons, convenience stores, garages and other small retailers can participate in the SMALL BUSINESS LIGHTING program.

For more information, please visit the saveONenergy website at:


Participate and Save. Install Energy-Efficient Measures and Earn up to 50% of your Project Costs.

The RETROFIT PROGRAM makes it possible for commercial organizations to install and benefit from newer, more energy efficient solutions that will help you operate your business more efficiently and improve your bottom line.

Incentives are available for high efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors and heating and for installing new control systems to improve the overall efficiency of your building.

If you are not sure where to begin there are incentives available to conduct electricity focused audits through the AUDIT FUNDING program that will help you identify the potential energy savings.

Contact your local electric utility to find out more!

Outdoor LED Solutions

Excellent payback
Low maintenance
May be covered under Save On Energy
We replace MH and HPS wall packs with LED compatible fixtures. Maintenance drops to almost zero.
Safety and security increases and installation cost is eliminated after payback period.